08.13.2016 FaceBook
Woolf-Harris, INC. now has 500+ likes on FaceBook!! Click here to check us out!
08.01.2016 Lenova
Woolf-Harris, INC. now represents Lenova Sinks in LA, MS, TN, and AL. Click here for more info!!
07.30.2016 American Standard
Woolf-Harris now represents American Standard Water Heaters! Meeting NAECA standards without increasing size. Click here!
07.25.16 QM Drains
QM's business philosophy is simple: Alway exceed clients' expectations. With high quality 316L linear and square drains check us out!




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At Woolf-Harris we create an environment in which a spirit of teamwork, professionalism and commitment to excellence, for both the companies we represent and our customers, interact in a positive way to create a competitive advantage. We will be united by our commitment to Professionalism, Personal Accountability, Family, Character, Ethical Conduct and Trustworthiness, Superior Service, Customer Intimacy, Innovation and High Performance.